The Overcomers Place

A caring connected community for those overcoming addiction

The Overcomers Place is a free* not-for-profit treatment centre for those overcoming any addiction.

Why we exist…

Addiction is a tragic disease which is one of the most disruptive forces to the family structure.

In Australia someone dies every 90 mins of an alcohol-related illness (NDRI)

Over 70% of Domestic Violence incidence are alcohol related.

The devastating reality is that addiction often causes individuals to fall through the cracks of society.

This is preventable.

Group based treatment allows those suffering from addiction to understand that they are not alone.

This is essential for sustaining recovery. There is a safe place for connection to happen now.

The Overcomers Place provides support within a safe environment.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is genuine, meaningful interactions and authentic connections and experiences with ourselves; each other; and the world around us”.    

Jennifer Nicolaisen

* We request a one off payment to conduct an initial assessment, which supports the running of The Overcomers Place. Following intake, all services are free-of-charge.

Why your support matters

The catastrophic ripple effect of addiction knows no bounds to the lives, families and communities we all live in. We have a dedicated family supporters group on Thursday Afternoons at Gladesville. Contact us.

Fortunately, your support also has a ripple effect

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The power of a story. I was very scared and concerned about the person I was and the life I was living and I was willing to accept help when it was offered . The day that I found The Overcomers Place was a major turning point. I found people like me. I did not feel judged. I felt excepted and supported. I slowly started to get to know myself and find out who I was without the drugs and alcohol. I didn’t get it straight away. I just couldn’t accept that I was an addict. But The Overcomers Place was always there for me and kept the door open and helped me on my journey. I’m forever grateful and I continue to learn so much. It’s definitely not easy but The Overcomers Place has helped me feel supported so that I can be honest and be myself. I don’t have to pretend anymore.

March 19, 2021