Why We Exist

Addiction is Deadly

In Australia someone dies every 90 mins of an alcohol-related illness and over 70% of Domestic Violence incidence are alcohol related. These statistics are preventable.
Addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling can affect anyone. It works in a vicious cycle that can only be broken through a sustainable recovery program.

Recovery is Hard

Early detection of substance abuse and accessing sustainable treatment are key to successful and long term recovery. Operating a non-residential treatment centre means that we can guide individuals through their recovery journey as they learn to face the challenges of day to day life with a new set of tools.

Overcoming is Possible

We have a team of professionals, who have overcome their own addictions, to help individuals and their families break the addiction cycle. Providing a free service based on neurobiological trauma informed principles allows us to reach the individuals struggling with addiction that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

What To Expect

Our Weekly Program

The Overcomers Place is a caring, connected, community for those overcoming any addiction. We provide a structured day program from Monday to Friday that allows individuals to build healthy relationships and break the cycle of addiction. Our Morning Group runs from 10:30am-12pm and our Afternoon Group (1pm-2:30pm).


We focus on repair, restoration and recovery. Monday Morning Group cover a compassion-focused check in. This creates a safe space for connection. Monday Afternoon Group is focused on learning and practicing how to use recovery tools in a social group setting. Community is built one group at a time.


Tuesday Morning Groups focus on the psychological aspects of recovery covering concepts such as radical acceptance, gratitude, courage and compassion.
Tuesday Afternoon Group allows for a deeper exploration of the 12 step concept of a “Higher Power” in a safe connected space.
We also run a DBT Skills Group in a second room that runs in 8 week cycles. Raise your interest for this session in your application and we will inform you of the next opening session.


Wednesday Morning Group focusses on a check in around attachment repair and resourcing. Wednesday Afternoon Group focusses on the skills related to repairing attachments. This provides time to integrate and consolidate new experiences.


Thursday Morning Group covers an in depth look at one of the 12 steps. Thursday Afternoon Group is an AA style meeting where individuals are encouraged to share their recovery journey.


Friday Morning Group covers similar psychological aspects of recovery discussed in the Tuesday sessions.