Our Team


Mark Stephens

Senior Therapist

Mark’s focus is to build the clients experience of safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship as a foundation to explore how past experiences and beliefs influence presenting behaviours and contribute to negative life experiences in the present day.

Mark has worked as an Individual Counsellor, Group Therapist, University Lecturer and is currently in Private Practice at Being You Counselling with his partner Carol Nedov. Prior to joining The Overcomers Place last year, he was AOD Program Coordinator at Wesley Mission Ashfield Psychiatric Hospital.

He is a graduate of the Jansen Newman Institute and his approach to therapy is existential with influences from his psychodynamic and Yalom training.

He is also an experienced Bee Keeper and passionate tennis player.

Jonathan Martin

Senior Therapist

Jonathan has a deep understanding and passion for those overcoming addiction, having entered Glebe House as a client himself 15 years ago. He lost everything to alcohol addiction - his successful corporate career, family, kids, and almost his life.

In his new sober life he retrained in AOD and began working at the residential treatment centre which had “loved him back to life”. Eventually he retired as General Manager. Covid had other plans for that retirement and he is now enthusiastically engaged at The Overcomers Place.

He has since trained as a yoga teacher and brings practical and philosophical elements of this discipline into his work as a Group Therapist. He loves good coffee, good food and all animals, operating a canine Airbnb in his spare time

Pat Wood-Collier

Supporters Group Therapist

Pat’s extensive experience in crisis and trauma support, as well as her lived experience with pathological mental health, has given her a heart to help and heal broken family systems.

Her previous business background and crisis mental health work with Lifeline, Samaritans and Wesley Mission led her to complete a Masters of Counselling.

Working within a trauma informed modality, Pat draws from various different therapeutic frames including Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy .

Pat spends her other days as a specialist Gambling Addiction counsellor for Wesley Mission at Ryde and in private practice.



After 40 years in nursing, Maryanne is able to bring her extensive trauma experience to group work at Gladesville and Bronte. She has completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling at Excelsia and is currently studying DBT - Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. She sees clients privately through her practice Intuitive Counselling. She has a breadth of lived experience and currently leads Addiction Groups at The Overcomers Place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She is passionate about helping clients change and build a life worth living that is effective in achieving their goals.

Supervisors & DBT Team

Nerida Dunkerley

Senior Clinical Supervisor

(MCoun, BCoun, Cert IV TAA (TAE40110), CMPACFA) Nerida provides the whole team of The Overcomers Place Group Counsellors with monthly External Clinical Supervision.

She is a Relationship Counsellor and Trauma & Addiction Therapist specialising in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT); and a Clinical Supervisor with over 35 years of experience assisting men and women to overcome addictions in roles including Manager of a Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation centre for 16 years and Pastoral Care counsellor working primarily with the homeless for ten years.

She is currently employed at a private Psychiatric Clinic as a therapist, facilitating groups for men and women recovering from substance abuse and mood disorders. She has a passion to assist everyone to flourish, so that their relationships succeed and that they gain the skills to “Live a Life Worth Living”.

Bernadette Fitzgerald

Senior DBT Therapist

Bernadette is passionate about DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) and engaging others to lead their best life. She is especially gifted at teaching these skills to those struggling with addiction.

She initiated a career change from financial services to mental health, convinced of the importance of early intervention with evidence based therapies to sustain life long mental health.

She completed postgraduate studies in psychology at The University of Sydney (2012) and counselling at The Australian College of Applied Psychology (2016) Bernadette graciously volunteers for The Overcomers Place whilst working as a therapist at DBT Psychology Clinic in Potts Point, a private outpatient clinic specialising in DBT and has her own private practice.
Weekends she can be found on mountain bike trails or organising family gatherings. She is the mother of two children who have taught her as much as any books and a much loved wife.



Phil has joined the team at Bronte to support systems development and expand our services into Bronte with a particular focus on the spiritual aspects of recovery. Prior to joining The Overcomers Place team, Phil led recovery groups at Claymore and developed a safe place for many to change from a life of addiction. Phil previously worked as a Baptist Minister within a Christian setting All Phil's peers testify to his loyalty, patience, competency, compassion and consistent care for those he serves. Phil is married to Fiona and they have four children. Penny and the team are delighted Phil has joined The Overcomers Place to work and serve our unique client population.