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The Overcomers Place is a non-residential addiction service at Gladesville and Bronte.

You may not feel recovery is possible right now but you have not made contact with us yet.

We offer a free accessible, sustainable, effective service.

All our Counsellors are Addiction Specialists with lived experience.

We offer free* structured therapy groups which use evidence-based practices.

Anyone struggling to overcome their addiction is welcome to our service.

Some group sessions are available face to face and virtually.

For more details, contact us here.

* There is an initial assessment fee to cover set up costs

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We offer programs and support for individuals and families struggling with any addiction.

“The process of learning how to stay sober brings with it a powerful sense of triumph over what once felt impossible”.

Dr Janina Fisher

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A person dies from an alcohol related disease every 90 minutes in Australia. Our service cannot exist without the generosity of our supporters.

Stories from Overcomers

Kim's Story

What happned once you came to TOP?

The day that I found The Overcomers Place was a major turning point. I found people like me. I did not feel judged. I felt accepted and supported. I slowly started to get to know myself and find out who I was without the drugs and alcohol. I didn’t get it straight away I still had to go out and make more mistakes several times because I just couldn’t accept that I was an addict. But The Overcomers Place was always there for me and kept the door open and helped me on my journey. I’m forever grateful and I continue to learn so much.

What is it like now?

It’s definitely not easy but The Overcomes Place has helped. I feel supported and I feel like I can be honest and be myself. I don’t have to pretend. The Overcomers Place is gentle and supportive, yet also a comprehensive program where I can move at my own pace in a peer supported environment.

Dan's Story

What happned once you came to TOP?

What happened once you came to TOP?
After drinking for nearly 30 years, I was referred to The Overcomers Place (TOP) after seeing my GP.. The counsellors all had lived experience and held the space so we all felt safe. I felt like I belonged and began losing my shame base. The fear and loneliness I had faced whilst in my drinking hell hole began to fade into the distance. I was not judged by anyone in the room. The Counsellors were simply fantastic. They taught me how to love life again. They gave me tools to rebuild my life, abstain from alcohol and gave me reasons to enjoy my life. TOP has always there for me.

What is it like now?

I feel very supported by the staff at TOP and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The lessons I have learned and the tools I have put in place for my day to day life have proven invaluable. I have been able to stay sober for 18 months, thanks enormously to TOP. On my own this would have been impossible. My family does not life in fear of losing me to alcohol now.

Christine's Story

What happned once you came to TOP?

I was referred to The Overcomers Place after attending an inpatient Detox Centre. It was my fourth residential rehab and I knew I would be back in lock up if I did not have support once I left.
Straight away I felt welcomed and comfortable. I was listened to, guided, comforted and taught to put into practice the values, exercises and thinking that I had so often been advised to me in my many detoxes. I got to know myself again. I finally felt I belonged

What is it like now?

My abstinent days built up and became months. I learnt the tools to connect.
I now see a counselor once a week to help me with the deeper painful things in my past and six months on, I attend two days a week at The Overcomers Place.
Now I am living with some form of balance. Sober and improving my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength and resilience. I have support and guidance. TOP has consolidated my resolve and given me stronger foundations on which to continue to build a spiritually focused and hopefully content and productive future.

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